Press Releases

  Dr. Jim Futral coming to Mount Vero Baptist Church 09/10/2017

Jim Futral image

  Celeste Cade of the Baptist Children Village sharing missions information

Celest Cade image

  Congratulation on your Graduation Gunner and Krist!

2016 Graduates image

  Mother's Day Breakfast Celebration and Fellowship 2016

Mother's Day image
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  Christmas Poinsettia deliveries and Fellowship 2015

Poinsettia mission image

  Fall Festival Celebration and Fellowship 2015

fall festival image
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Leaper's Fork Singing Group on December 15th, 2015:
Leapers Fork Singing Group photo

Bro. Lamar Callahan taught about service and sacrifice for God and Country as a member of the United States Coast Guard during World War II
Bro. Lamar in Uniform

Mount Vernon Baptist Church 125th Anniversary Celebration:
Mount Vernon Baptist Church before modernization

Our Revival Advertisement:
revival with Bro. JIM Futral

Our initial Advertisement as seen in Mississippi Magic:
Our first Advertisement